Presentation Design with Google Slides

I have so many words to say about Microsoft Powerpoint, Apple Keynote, Google Slides, and everything in between. To keep things efficient, I’ll cut to the chase… in short, if you have a predetermined budget and need help designing your presentation to increase the likelihood that those on the receiving end will understand, comprehend, and ultimately decide in your favor, call us.

If you want to do it yourself, here’s an awesome resource… Free Google Slides and Powerpoint templates to boost your presentations. Free stuff, great design, solid fonts and colors. Enjoy!

Google Slides does a WONDERFUL job at team collaboration and page layout but it comes with a few caveats… no vector compatibility. This can be done with some hacks as outlined below as this method works flawlessly for me…

  1. Upload your images/icons to Google Drive

  2. Open it with CloudConvert

    • Choose export format : vector / emf.

    • Make sure that you have the checkbox to save the converted file to your Google Drive

    • Click on button Start conversion.

  3. Open emf file with Google Drawing

  4. Copy/paste SVG icon into your Slides.

    • you can modify the colors as you wish, add or remove shapes